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ME221 MX5 Engine Management (NA, MK1, 96-97)

ME221 MX5 Engine Management (NA, MK1, 96-97)

The ME221 MX-5 PnP is the latest plug-n-play Engine Management System for the MK1 (NA)MX-5 / Miata. This is for 1800cc cars from 1996-1997 which had three plug ECUs.

The ECU installs tidily into the OEM position. The only extra thing you need to do besides plugging it in is run a MAP vacuum hose (supplied) from the ECU to the intake manifold and extend two existing engine loom wires to a new air temperature sensor if you choose to delete the air flow meter.

-  Uses the ME221 ECU Core (200Mhz Freescale Automotive Processing Power)
- Supports all factory sensors.
- Truly Plug-n-Play : Supports both switched TPS and linear TPS conversions.
-  16x16 Fuel and Ignition Tables (with dual table switching)
-  VE based fuelling algorithm.
-  Run any type of high impedance injectors.
-  in-built 21psi MAP sensor (or use your factory AFM)
-  Closed Loop Boost Control
-  Fully Sequential on 1.8 version
-  In the field regular FW updates and improvements
-  Uses the powerful MEITE tuning studio.
-  Supplied with rolling road certified and developed base maps for either turbo or NA setups.

The package includes:
ME221 PnP ECU.
RS232 Tuning Cable.
Silicone map sensor hose.

You can add a set of four used RX8 yellow injectors to your ecu purchase by selecting them in the otions below. These 420cc injectors are very popular for turbo conversions.

Price: £655.00

Options Available:
FTDI Serial to USB converter:
IAT sensor kit:
Used RX8 yellow injectors :

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