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Billet Water Pump Inlet

Our new MX5 NA/NB billet water pump inlet. Designed for you hardcore track car guys or Exocet / MK Indy / Westfield guys that don't run a heater matrix. Makes for an easy connection straight into the bottom of your radiator. It comes with a 9/16...


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Engine Stand Bolts (NA, NB, MK1, MK2)

A set of 3 bolts with the same thread as the gearbox bolts but longer and a through bolt so that you can use them to bolt your engine to a stand.


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GT Turbo Inlet.

A billet turbo inlet to suit Garret GT2860 and GT2560 turbos. It has a raduised entry to aid airflow and an o-ring on the sealing face. It is designed to suit a 63.5 or 2.5" hose. It comes complete with stainless steel fasteners.


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MX5 Billet Oil Filler Cap (NA, NB, MK1, MK2 89-05)

Slippery Stuff Billet Oil Filler Cap. Uses the stock filler cap rubber seal. Simply push out of the stock cap and push into your shiney billet one for a great seal. We can offer custom engraved text for 15+vat. Simply reply to your order...


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Uprated Engine Mounts (MK1, MK2, NA, NB, 89-05)

These uprated engine mounts are a great way to replace the worn and sloppy 20+ year old ones in your MX5. As stadard they have a Shore Durometer reading of 80A (red). There is also an option for even harder 95A mounts (black). We would only...


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