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Bandit 1200 Turbo Plenum

High flow turbo plenum for the Suzuki Bandit 1200. Features: CNC machined oval runners to match carb mouths. Smooth entry to runners. 2 x 1/8 BSP ports for boost gauge / FPR feed.


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Oil Cooled Bandit / GSXR Cam Cover Breather

Our billet cam cover breather. These are finished to order so please be prepared to wait for 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive. You can select the location of the ORB -8 port. You can also have custom text engraved in the top. If you want...


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Piston Dishing 9.5:1 to 9:1

We machine the tops of the stock 79mm Bandit pistons to create a dish. This lowers the CR from 9.5:1 to 9:1. Place you order and ship your pistons to us using the address in the shipping and delivery section.


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