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Billet EGR Blank Kit (NA, NB, MK1 MK2, 96-05)

EGR blanking kit. CNC machined. No more messy and unsightly gasket sealant squelching out the sides. These have nitrile O rings for a great high-pressure seal. Two-piece kit to fit on the inlet manifold. Fits late 96-97 MK1 cars and all...


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Billet Water Pump Inlet

Our new MX5 NA/NB billet water pump inlet. Designed for you hardcore track car guys or Exocet / MK Indy / Westfield guys that don't run a heater matrix. Makes for an easy connection straight into the bottom of your radiator. It comes with a 9/16...


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Billet Water Pump Inlet Special -8 ORB

With -8 ORB thread for Matthew McGinnis £62.40 +£30 for one off.


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Drive By Wire Converted VVT Manifold

Already converted VVT manifold. Billet CNC machined throttle body plate with O ring sealing. Vapour blasted inside and out. EGR ports welded up. Cam cover breather port welded up. Designed for the NC drive by wire throttle body which...


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Engine Stand Bolts (NA, NB, MK1, MK2)

A set of 3 bolts with the same thread as the gearbox bolts but longer and a through bolt so that you can use them to bolt your engine to a stand.


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Exocet Billet Oil Filler Cap

Exocet Billet Oil Filler Cap. Uses the stock filler cap rubber seal. Simply push out of the stock cap and push into your shiney billet one for a great seal. We can offer custom engraved text for �15+vat. Simply reply to your order...


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GT Turbo Inlet.

A billet turbo inlet to suit Garret GT2860 and GT2560 turbos. It has a raduised entry to aid airflow and an o-ring on the sealing face. It is designed to suit a 63.5 or 2.5" hose. It comes complete with stainless steel fasteners.


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Uprated Engine Mounts (MK1, MK2, NA, NB, 89-05)

After a lot of interest on our socials we have opened up a registration of interest to get an idea of numbers for our production run. If you are interested in a set in the next few weeks put this zero value order through and we will notify you when...


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Uprated Exhaust Mounts

These uprated polyurethane exhaust mounts are ideal for replace your old worn ones. Worn mounts with lots of movement can lead to cracked turbo down pipes and naturally aspirated performance manifolds. These mounts are great insurance when you...


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