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R8 Coil on Plug Conversion Plate 1800 (NA, NB, MK1 MK2, 93-01)

R8 Coil on Plug Conversion Plate 1800 (NA, NB, MK1 MK2, 93-01)

Our billet R8 Coil on Plug Conversion Plate to fit any 1800 NA or NB non VVT cars.

Audi R8 coils output over double the amount of energy as the stock coils, 45% more than a Yaris coil on plug, and even 35% more than the industry go-to LS2 coils.

Essential kit for your turbo conversion, they will allow you to run big spark plug gaps with as much boost as you like, meaning more power. No more misfires as you come on boost!

We have also noticed they seem to improve idle on some cars. This is probably due to their ability to run a larger gap.

They  work with the seals on the coils and also have o-rings on the backside to create a good seal with the cam cover. Both these prevent your spark plug holes from filling up with water and the misfires and corrosion that come with that.

They are available polished, anodised black or anodised gold, and come complete with o-rings and stainless steel fasteners.

To be used with VAG part number 06E905115E

You can choose to add the correct 4 pin plugs to wire these in if required.

Price: £98.40

Options Available:
Plug wiring kit:

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