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2WD YB Gated Sump Baffle

2WD YB Gated Sump Baffle

The greatly improved cornering, braking or acceleration that people are achieving these days with their cosworth YB engined cars means that they are likely to increase the forces on the oil in the sump beyond the limits that the standard sump was designed for.

Under cornering, braking or acceleration the oil in the sump will run away from the bottom of the sump where the pick up pipe is, and instead try to climb up the sides of the sump and the block. The result of this is that the oil pump and therefore engine is starved of oil. Oil starvation, even if only for a matter of milliseconds can lead to the catastrophic failure of engine components such as the main and big end bearings. If you are unlucky enough it could destroy your whole engine beyond repair.

The sloshing oil is also likely to cover crankcase breather ports and be pumped into your breather system or out onto the track where it will be a hazard to other drivers.

G19 oil control sump baffles are great insurance against both the above scenarios and ideal protection for that new engine that you have just invested time and money in. They are CAD designed, CNC cut and then TIG welded together to form a part that fits perfectly, every time.

The original and the best with over 400 sold they are currently in use in many serious track and race cars in both the UK and places as far as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Greece and Norway.

They come complete with fasteners and fitting instructions.

The G19 2wd gated sump baffle design is protected under UK Intellectual Property law.

Price: £130.90


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