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2WD YB into Escort Converted Sump + Gated Baffle

2WD YB into Escort Converted Sump + Gated Baffle

Big wing conversion for your 2wd YB sump with a cut out at the front of the sump bowl to allow it to be fitted to a Mk1 or Mk2 Escort. Includes gated baffle to suit Escort converted sump.

This includes supply of a used 2wd YB sump so there is no need to send your own sump to us.

Due to the number of possible combinations of different manufacturers crossmembers and engine mounts we have found it may be required to trip the flat lip at the back of some crossmembers. This does not affect the strength of the crossmemeber and easy easy to do.

We can bead blast the sump we supply to look like new for an extra cost of £30.

Price: £375.00 (£450.00 Inc VAT)

Options Available:
Bead blast:

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